Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

Birthday is always excite! Specially for the kids anyway. My birthday is on Sat. and I have to work:( Well, Thank you for the gift, Cards and Love my friends! You make me felt so special!
Love you all! Talk to you later!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Beautiful designer paper!!

I found this card long time ago but just love it. I love the colors and the way she did it. Those designer paper is going to be gone by Aug. 10th. So so sad!! I just love love them!!

You still have two weeks to order them. Don't miss your last chance!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Start of Something New

I am incredibly excited to be starting this blogging adventure. I really hope that this blog will be able to provide a clear line of communication between my world-wide friends and I. I spend a lot of time visiting the blogs of various talented ladies. I am being blessed daily by each of them; not only by their beautiful artwork, but also by their wonderful life experiences as well. Since I'm technologically-challenged, I am constantly in need of help from my daughter, Liz. I am proud to be telling you that she is my immensely talented personal secretary. While I'm still picking up and learning how to conquer all these technical challenges, please be patient with me through a "grace period" of at least a month. I've finally decided to partake in this journey. I really do want to be able to claim better communication with my family, friends, and customers. Hopefully, I will be able to update this frequently enough to share the little ups and downs of life as they happen.

Recently we returned from our 5 day camping trip. Although exhausted at the end of it all, we reached home with triumph. Something about spending a couple days kept company by only family, trees, and clear blue skies with occasional visits from hoards of mosquitos leaves you fulfilled...and itchy. In the midst of utter natural beauty everything else fades and you are in want for nothing. On the 2nd day after our arrival we were joined by family friends and hiked up the ridiculously steep, yet wholly rewarding Chief Peaks. At the top of each hill we were brought to marvel at the vast expanse of shining sea and majestic mountains that testified to an amazing Creator. The 3rd and 4th days arrived lazily and we stayed around the campsite. Nearing dusk on the 3rd, our youngest burned her hand as she tried to handle some just boiled, hot water but dealt with the matter bravely, making us all proud of her. The two younger ones took my husband down to the lake on the 4th. He grabbed a book and was able to get some reading done while the kids played around in the water, led by gorgeous weather. Myself and my eldest daughter joined them later on and we able to just relax in full realization that there was nowhere we had to be...nowhere but here. There was nobody currently calling for us or demanding for our attention. There was no rush and the whole concept of time began to blur into the distance of the week, only slightly hinted by the rising and setting of the sun. Harmony was something we became familiar with as the miniscule tents forced each of us to deal with one another and learn how to accomodate and compromise somewhere between one nylon taffeta wall and another. The 5th day snuck up quietly, surprising us all at its abrupt arrival. And the drive home was quiet, nothing but the voices of quietly singing music in the background as each of us pondered our week and contemplated how to bring some bit of the light we experienced in the serenity of the cosmos back home and into everyday life amidst the busy traffic streets and loud media.

During the summertime, it seems as everybody slows everything slows down. One of my stamping clubs is taking a summer break. I'm only running one group at this point. It's been nice to keep going with some form of art during the summer because it motivates me to continue squeezing creative juices out. It is sad to say goodbye to so many much-loved stamp sets from Stampin' Up. Also, lots of fun accessories will be gone soon as well. At the same time, it all makes me quite excited and curious for the new, upcoming catalogue. Stampin' Up has gone through many changes in the new year. The first big one bringing in decorative trinkets for the house. You can also now directly order from my website and still get host benefits and have the products delivered directly to your door. How good is that? I'm very excited for the flexibility they are offering for demonstrators and our lovely customers. Make sure to visit my business website often to keep in the loop for promotions and my updated events and classes. I will try to show off more of my artwork and daily life photos on my blog as much as I find myself capable to. Hopefully I can keep in touch in a better with this.