Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Blessed !!

Easter already? Easter has been come and go .... I hope you did have blessed Easter with your love ones.
It's been a pretty hectic couple months gone by , for a lot of us I'm sure. But what would have been more hectic would have been wrongly accused and condemned, knowing it all would happen, and following through with it anyways. All for what? For a bunch of people who can't even get through one day without making a mistake, for a bunch of people who in which only about half will even believe it a couple hundred years later while the other half laughs and mocks just like on that very day with Roman soldiers. Talk about De Ja Vu. But when I think of Him dying for someone like me, someone who isn't even worth a shard of a nail on His left pinky, it blows my mind. Pretty crazy, don't you think? I always wonder why i have to make Him cry before I fall down to my knees. Yet I's always on my first chance, just because He decided to die, He looked at me, at you , and said  " I'm going to die. And I'm going to do it for you."
May the extent of His love and grace be evident to you this Easter and my it surround you in waves of mercy.
                        Celebrate the Gift of New Life
                            I asked God for all things
                               so I could enjoy life. 
                                He gave me life so 
                             I would enjoy all things.

Love and Blessings;

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