Friday, December 28, 2012


I hope you all had very blessed Christmas with family and friends. This year were so busy at Chan family as we have four of us working for Overwaitea Food Group. We all worked till the end which means Christmas Eve. We have a wonderful friend invited us for dinner so I can have break for cooking that night. We are very thankful for still have job ( all of We had great time visited our dear friends and went to Christmas Eve service to hear one of  worship Pastor sings O Holy Night. It was a  Christmas carol that depicts the reason for the deep, resounding joy in our heart and the words always reminded me what is the reason for the season.
Christmas is come and go, now its time to get myself together again to look forward waiting for God's plan and calling in the New Year. I have been try to clean up the whole house since we are going to rented out our basement. I will lose my stamping room but will be a big help for our family financially . So ...I will be stamping and teaching at my living room from now on :)
I have lots of used stamp sets for sale and they are all in very good shape and good price so checked it out!
                                                                        C1 $15

                                                                         C2 $ 10
                                                                            C3 $10
                                                                           C5 $10
                                                                         C7$15 (sold)
                                                                           C8 $10 (sold)
                                                                           C11 $10
                                                                         C12 $10
                                                                         C13 $10
                                                                        C14 $10
                                                                       C15 $10
                                                                          C16 $12

I do hope you enjoy your time with your family, love ones and friends. All the stamp set are nearly new so I do hope you find something you are looking for or you like. Please email me if you have any questions.

Love and Blessings;