Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Good Dentistry Makes All the Difference in the World

First thing in the morning today, I dropped the kids off and went directly to go see my dentist. He had warned me beforehand that what I had was an incredibly complicated case and he would try his best but he wasn't 100% sure that he could resolve it. If not, he would transfer me to a specialist and that that would cost me a fortune. Last night I had a wonderful group of ladies meeting together who all promised me that they would pray for me and I am totally feeling the effects of their prayers. Throughout the whole procedure, I couldn't belive that I didn't feel any sort of pain at all. And after he was finally finished, I felt completely comfortable and fine. I just kept telling him how appreciative I was and he just gave me a big smile saying that he was just glad that things went so well and that he was able to fix the problem. Now I'm totally back to normal and I'm in a good mood for stamping. So stay tuned for some next posts. The picture frame I'm posting here, I had made a while ago for one of my managers' birthday. He really liked it and kept it really well. I was also really pleased with how it turned out. Hope you enjoy it as well. Thank you again for all your love, support, and prayers. Talk to you soon. God Bless.

It's Worse Than Labour

Since I was little, I have never once met a dentist that I liked. Unfortunately, I don't have very good teeth. During all of last week, one of my teeth has been bothering me unrelentlessly. I had to make an appointment to see my dentist right away. I'm glad my class in Coquitlam went smoothly last Sunday afternoon, but I was exhausted after that. Don't get me wrong, I had such a great time over there. They are a group of wonderful ladies, full of enthusiasm and creativity. Just because I had to do a graveyard shift before going off to teach, I found that by the end of it all, I was completely drained. But I was so grateful that the ladies were totally understanding and so easy to work with. Immediately following that night, on Monday, the level of pain that my tooth was causing had completely gotten out of control, but the dentist's office couldn't get me in until Wednesday. My tooth started to infect so badly that I couldn't even eat or sleep. Nothing could ease the pain. I had class last night. I had a large and wonderful group of ladies that came out for the club night. I could hardly talk to them. I tried very hard to explain things clearly. They felt so bad about it. And those three days of pain were, to me, much worse than labour had ever been. I couldn't do anything, including stamping. So now I'm posting the nugget box and card I made and taught last year. Hope that still gives you some idea for your Christmas gifts.