Monday, October 28, 2013

Card making is for everybody 1

We had lots of fun making cards on Wednesday morning! Here's our youngest member in the group !!

He is such a great boy and we have lots of fun with him. He love to help and really good at it !!

Love and Blessings;

Break Away Class -- I am home and start teaching again !!

 Warmest Birthday Wishes
 Thank you
 Birthday Wishes
 Friend to Friend
So Grateful

Here are few cards from my last two classes! Hope you enjoy them!

Love and Blessings;

I am back !

It's been a while since I teach class. I was away visiting my family and friends in Taiwan. This is long overdue holiday and I am glad I did it. I had such great time with my family and friends. Now I am back and all refresh again so that's do it. I am teaching at Wednesday Women's Break Away in Langley. Come and visit me or join us in the class. We will love to have you ! I just post three samples that I am going to teach on the 16th Wednesday ! Hope to see you there !!
I have lots more samples for you! So Glad to be back again!

Love and Blessings;