Friday, February 27, 2009

What a Day!!

What's going on!!! Where is our Spring? I thought winter is over but .......not.
My kids have taking turn sick at home and even I got it, too. I just can't wait for my flowers to come out in my garden. This card really make me feel better! There's hope that spring will come anyway!
I will have my Coq. club meething this Sunday and my studio group next Tus night. I am starting the new club here at my studio in May. I still have room for you to join so come on, join us for the fun club night every month!

Happiness is a choice!

I was visiting my friend the order day. When we sat down and have cup of tea. He reminded me that happiness is always a chlice. I guss I forget about that sometimes. I am so busy at work ( we happen to have 4 managers leaving at same time), my business, house work and so on... Be happay is not the easy thing for me anymore. I am so thankful that God is using so many different way try to keep me on the right track! I hope you like this happiness always card!

I am a crazy chocolate lover. All my best freinds konw that I need chocolate to give me going! My girl friend from OR. always bring box of SEE'S candy for when they were visiting. I guss that goes to my card making as well. I just can't have enough chocolate chip card stock, ribbon and so on. This card is very simple and elegant. I love it!
(this card was created by Down Mcvey)