Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank you for God's Faithfulness!!

To all my dearest stampers and friends,
Just to let you know, I'm still alive. Sorry for being such a bad blogger and neglecting my blogging duties. Life has been so crazily busy, but God is good. Our family has been experiencing a pretty dynamic change in lifestyle. Jeremy returned to the working field last week. He started working at the new Pricemart in the plaza across Clayton Crossing. This store will open sometime in the middle of December. He is working with management and two other coworkers in preparing for the opening of the store. Every night he's come home covered in dust, but I can feel that he's started to enjoy it. At first, we weren't so sure about this because it's something so completely different from what he was trained for, but since God put him into the new store, he has picked up everything flawlessly from the very beginning. It is a very good learning experience for him and I can see him trying to learn everything humbly. I really appreciate his attitude and I thank God for this miracle. I'm also thankful for my kids who have been faithfully praying for this. Since God answered all our prayers, including yours, they have been trying their best to cope with the hectic schedules, inherited housework, and doing their homework and duties wisely and effectively. I am truly praising the Lord for what He has done in providing for us. The card that I've posted today is the one that I made as a thank-you to each and every one of you for the long journey that you've accompanied me on. Thank you for your love, care, support, and prayers.

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