Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I am back!

Its been for a while since I last post. My family from Taiwan wasn't doing so well. Life is so crazy busy + lots of stress, I am just about to crash. What do I do when life takes a detour...
I just got back from our chuch women's retreat....God really konws what I need. Our speaker Grace Fox is amazing. She is talking about " PASSPORT TO FREEDOM". Learn how to navigate and appreciate, rather than fear, the detours and storms along the way. Recognize and use the uniques strengths you bring to fellow travelers. Pack light . Enjoy the preedom that comes from leaving excess baggage behind. Relax. The pilots character proves He's trustworthy. What a weekend!! I am blessed.
Its not easy to come back but by God's Grace I came home refreshed. I will post more pictures later on. I also did a breakout sessions there which is card making ( what else). We all have great time and the pictures are coming up as well. Please forgive me and be patient with me while I am putting myself toghere. Don't forget next Friday night Nov. 5th , 6:30pm still on. Please RSVP if you are coming. Its $5 for the while night! Got to get myself together to work! Three closing shift ....Go to love that :)
Wish you all well and experence lots of God's love and share it with the people you! 


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