Sunday, January 12, 2014

Share Something Wonderful !!

It has been so long since I last updated with all my family and friends. A great many celebrations have come and gone. I wish you all have had an amazing year in 2013 and a fresh and opportune start to 2014. Christmas was quite different for our family last year. We were so busy laboring away at Save-On and Pricesmart until the prime time of Christmas Eve. Our Christmas was kept pretty low-key, but it was filled with peace and blessings. New Year has been sneak in very quickly and life goes on. Between Christmas and New Year I was out of computer for a long while because one day it just quite on me….that’s one of the reason you didn’t hear from me for a while. Thank goodness of good friend – he fixed it!!

My last stamping class was finish right before Christmas. It was hard for me to put the class together at time of the year but I was absolutely delighted that I did. It’s all about relationships and I was blessed. Now its time to start my new stamping club and classes. Our class is full and I am looking forward to teach this group’s of ladies. They are so nice and fun to be with. We are going to have our kickoff meeting which will be held in my house in Jan. on everybody’s convenience !! So if you are in the club please send me a email and let me know which day that you are not able to meet ASAP( we can also meet in the day time if you like). This year we are going to try a different format. I am really excited about giving this the test run and I’m sure all of you stampers are going to love it. If you haven’t joined the club yet, and would still like to, I always have a waiting list that will remain collecting names until enough people have signed up to start up a new group. If you would like to come simply to visit and sit in on one of these club nights to find out what we are all about, feel free to do so. Merely call or email to notify me of your planned visitation.

I will be teaching Women’s Breakaway class again start on Jan. 22th ( registration) and 29th first class come visit us and join the fun!
Also the Occasions Mini Catalogue is start in Jan.3 already and will to till June 1th …..that means Sale-A- Bration is just around the corner. Time to buy and time to earn. Please keep fellowing me on my face book page (craft inspiration) or my blog : for all classes and promotions update !

Before I go, I would love to share something with you called Life !!

What a fleeting concept. Comes and goes so fast you begin to wonder, “ Is it really worth it?” As you transition from existing to really living, you realize that time has passed you by. Some start earlier, some later. And we each never know till is hits us. And we’re all scared we’ll miss it. It’s basically a cliché: two extremes – too careless and too careful. We spend our entire lives finding the balance. We spend our entire lives learning to live. Some hit pretty close to home while others find they’re way off. And come find out early enough to make changes that count while others just realize way too late. So what to say? Life is so unfair, but the beauty of grace is that it makes life unfair. So what do we do ? We live, we love, we forgive, and never give up, cause the days we are given are gifts from above, and today we remember to live and to love.

Love and Blessings;

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