Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Spring!!

Its very beautiful here in Vancouver and very spring like.Hopefully the sun keep shining and this will be the end of the winter. Its spring breaks for the kids for two weeks. Its nice that we can hang out whenever we felt like it and sleep in for most of us its a good thing. We didn't plan anything this year at all because of our working schedules. Since kids are order, they all have different plans going on and getting together its harder and harder but we tired our best anyway! Most of us work for the same company ... well, at lease four of us out of five. Its that the good thing..I really don't know. We have lots of changes in the company now and that makes hard for of all us. We try to go with it or go around it whatever you called but I have to say, God is sooo go to us and He is Faithful !
My Women's Breakaway class is come to the end for the season. Even I love those girls and have lots fun with them but having a little of break is always a good thing but club is still going on ! Hope you all enjoy the weather and your love ones. I will be back to post some of our class projects!
Have wonderful weekend :)

Love and Blessings;

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