Thursday, March 27, 2014

Life -- to love

Life. What a fleeting concept. Comes and goes so fast you begin to wonder, " Is it really worth it?" As you transition from existing to really living, you realize that time has passed you by. Some start earlier, some later. And we each never know till is hits us. And we're all scared we'll miss it. It's basically a cliche: two extremes - too careless and too careful. We spend our entire lives finding the balance. We spend our entire lives learning to live. Some hit pretty close to home while others find they're way off. And some find out early enough to make changes that count while others joust realize way too late. So what to say? Life is so unfair, but the beauty of grace is that it makes life unfair. So what do we do ? We live, we love, we forgive, and never give up, cause the days we are given are gifts from above, and today we remember to live and to love.

Here are two cards I made for the people I love and would like to share with you:

Enjoy your love ones !!

Love and Blessings;

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Marisa said...

Love the flower on the first card - great design and love the rich purple colour too. Life is crazy busy, isn't it. Need to enjoy the little moments that are so special and bring joy amidst the whirlwind of life. Hugs to you!